All You Need to Know About Blue Diamond Jewelry

The chances are high that you have come across a regular diamond. There is now a growing market for colored diamonds. For some, blue is their ideal choice. This makes their jewelry stand out from the rest, because the color blue is as unique as it is tranquil.

Blue diamonds

Although such ones are rare, they are natural and have been around for a long time. This scarcity of them has made their prices sore, and if you can get your hands on such a gem, it is worth holding on to.

Where they come from?

For the longest time, such ones were reserved to India, but there is a new source for them, South Africa. These two countries are the main exporters, but they have produced enough of the gemstones to make them available around the world.



Such colored stones are very popular for earrings. The earrings are very pretty, running an online search will show you amazing images, and you can get price quotations.


Blue rings are almost as popular as earrings. The most popular setting is having such colored one between regular stones, which tends to highlight the appearance. There are many more sets and design combinations, and there is bound to be one that grabs your attention.


Bracelets made of white gold with blue ones set in are eye grabbing, and they have an air of elegant sophistication to them. White gold, platinum or silver is a good background, as the attention to the ones is not lost on the precious metal. Platinum is more expensive than white gold, and your taste and wallet will have the final say.


Necklaces are a nice way to complement a woman’s dress. Necklaces featuring such colored gems come in a variety of styles and sizes, and no matter how the necklace is designed. It never fails to make a statement. Flower shapes as well as heart shapes are the most popular designs, as they are timeless as they are beautiful.


We all like to have something beautiful in our lives. When it comes to jewelry, purchasing may not always be within financial brackets. Do not buy items you cannot afford, especially if you do not need them. Consider your financial status carefully before you make that purchase.


You might have a lot of money to spend on life’s little luxuries, but that does not mean you have to fall prey to extortion. Make and online search for the jewels you want to purchase, and you will get a good price to serve as the basis of your transaction. You will save much more when you know what the prices to expect are, than when you simply jump in blind.

Trusted Jeweler

Do your best to know about the best dealers in your area. This is because you might end up paying a dear price for worthless replicas, sold by unscrupulous dealers. The Jeweler being one of the members of the American Gem Society, or any other recognized and reputable organizations should be preferable.